30 Day Music Challenge: Day 3

A song that reminds you of summertime
The Taste of Ink by The Used

This one was a little harder to pick. There aren’t many songs that definitely make me think of summertime unless they specifically talk about summer in the song title or lyrics, but I didn’t want to be quite that cliche. And I honestly don’t have any specific songs that remind of any summer memories. So I had to go with a feeling, just listening to several different songs and seeing which one felt like summer to me.

This song feels like summer to me. This song feels like getting in the car, rolling the windows down, and blasting music on a midnight drive going nowhere in particular. The song itself rings of freedom, and what feels more free than a night drive with the warm summer air whipping your hair while you sing at the top of your lungs?

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 2

A Song You Like With A Number In The Title
Rev 22:20 by Puscifer

I can’t remember the first time I heard this song, but I can say that ever since it’s become a staple in many playlists I’ve created. There’s two main versions for your listening pleasure, what I would call the original and then the Dry Martini Mix. Either way, this song is pure sex (which isn’t hard to accomplish with those lyrics and the voice of Maynard James Kennan).

When you listen to the original, you’re getting a perfect song for any liquid motion playlist and a common song in the lineup for the alt strippers (no judgement, I was one of those strippers using this song once upon a time). This version is a bit shorter than the Dry Martini Mix because it’s a tad faster, but it’s my favorite. Both versions are sexy as hell, but this one is a little more in your face. This is the girl who isn’t afraid to jump in and take charge and let you know what she wants and take what she needs.

The Dry Martini Mix, in contract, is the woman who flashes you those fuck me eyes from across the bar and makes you chase her from room to room as she seems to disappear just before you reach her, prolonging the chase and leaving an air of mystery before she takes you. This woman takes her time with you. The vocals are smoother, the sound a bit softer. This version is pure seduction.

A Call To Arms

If you’ve been into the music scene at all, you’re probably familiar with the concept of street teams. If you’re not, the easiest definition is a group of fans worldwide who spread the good word about their favorite musical artists. And one of my favorite musicians (as if you couldn’t already tell considering he takes up the majority of content on my blog so far) has issued a call to arms for his fans.

Yes, that’s right folks. Mr. William Control himself is calling together a street team of massive proportions, his devoted fans working hard to reach one goal: “create as much publicity and gain as much exposure as possible for the work of William Control”.

Following the release of his newest album, The Pale EP, as well as the third installment in his tantalizing Revelator trilogy, William seems intent on taking over the music scene. The first we’ll be seeing of him in 2017 will be on tour with Andy Black, and it’s safe to say that with the street team, we’re looking to pack those houses fuller than they’ve ever been.

If you’re anything like me and all the others on the street team, there’s something about William’s music that speaks to you in some way, be it in the beats or the words or something else entirely. And like any good thing, those feelings are meant to be shared. If you’d like to join the street team, shoot an email to streetteam@williamcontrol.com giving them your name and location. You’ll also, preferably, want to request to join The Neuromantic’s Facebook group, as I’ve linked it below. They’ll cross reference your name and location in your email with your name on Facebook before accepting you into the group. And from there the idea is to have weekly tasks that you can do to help, which could be something as simple as retweeting something or putting up posters in your city.

And, they’re especially looking for people in the following cities:
San Francisco
Salt Lake City
New York City
Washington DC
San Antonio



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Control Merch
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The Neuromantics

Let’s Talk SycAmour

Some of you have never heard of the band from Detroit, MI. And all I can say is that I am so sorry it’s taken this long. Pretty soon I’ll have most of you constantly humming Renaissance at work.

My first time seeing SycAmour¬†was in 2013, before they got signed. They were playing with a couple other bands at a small venue in Fort Wayne, IN, that was called Broadripple. I couldn’t tell you who the other bands were that night, because SycAmour made the biggest impact on me. Their stage presence was phenomenal, and after the show Jeremy ran around getting the other guys to sign the poster I bought for me. The guys are so sweet and down to earth, and I personally have a lot of respect and love for a musician who doesn’t let their musical talent go to their head.


I’ve edited out my ex for privacy reasons.

So, I bought their Obscure EP and a t-shirt and a poster and followed them on Facebook. When suddenly, the call for help went out early 2014. The guys were looking for friends and fans to come help them shoot a music video. So I grabbed a friend and drove from Southern Ohio to Detroit on almost no sleep to help them with their video for Renaissance. That’s right, I am in a music video. Very briefly, and none of my friends even saw me until I pointed myself out (I’m in the black dress with the white polka dots), but I’m still in it, damn it!

Not long after that, we found out the big news… that the boys had gotten signed to Hopeless Records! In a small venue in the basement of someone’s house in Detroit the band threw a signing party, with local Detroit bands playing before they finally did a set for us. Spirits were high, everyone was proud of the guys, and it was just overall a good night.


That’s Tony up on my friend’s shoulders at the signing party. I’m in the Tripp pants.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the chance to see the guys since. But I’m crossing my fingers hoping they get a tour date near me soon. Because seriously, these guys are amazing. I’m super picky about screaming vocals, and I could listen to SycAmour all day. I use their newest album, Indulgence: A Saga of Lights, to get people hooked. Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t normally like my kind of music, enjoys listening to them. His favorite song from that album is Downpour. I have trouble choosing a favorite, but I’m definitely pretty partial to The Measure.


Have you ever heard of SycAmour before? After listening to their music, what songs are your favorites?