Combichrist: The We Love Tour I and II aka William Control Cont’d

Let’s continue our story from the last time we spoke, shall we?

After the Emilie Autumn show, the next two times I saw William Control was as an opener for Combichrist. And, dear friends, if you ever get a chance to see Combichrist, for all that is unholy and vile, PLEASE TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY. They were all super sweet, if a little (read: A LOT) mischievous. And their on stage energy was infectious. Both times I saw them they absolutely KILLED it.
So the first of these two shows was in Cleveland, The We Love Tour. I had commandeered a driver and headed up to Detroit the night before for the signing party that Sycamour threw, which I have written about before. We then drove down to Cleveland right after… But still too early for the hotel to let us pay for just one night. So we ended up sleeping in the car (myself quite pissed off and not able to fall asleep, so grudgingly curled up and glaring at the building) until they let us come in and pay for just a one night stay at around 7:00am.
But I digress! Opening for Combichrist that night we had a band I’d never heard of before called Kissing Candice. Bemasked men took the stage and impressed me more than I had expected to be impressed. These guys are fucking gold. And while no one moshed, because, sadly, I’ve found most people at shows won’t mosh unless they know the band and the music, they still had a fucking grand set. PLUS they’re big fans of Trollhunter, which is one of the best “B” movies in the horror genre, so if you haven’t seen that, get the fuck to it.

Next on stage we had New Years Day. The first time I saw them was at Warped Tour 2013, and I didn’t stick around long. I had tried to listen to them on my own, but I’m extremely picky about vocals and what I found just didn’t fit the bill. Well, by this time they had come out with some new material, and this time I was really liking what I heard. And seeing them on stage this time was a whole different ball game from Warped Tour. They were fantastic. And maybe it was just the different ambience of the whole thing, but I couldn’t have been happier with their set and their stage presence.


Myself, with Ash Costello

And now we get to William Control. I’m going to go ahead and say this now; I have NEVER been to a show where William Control was anything less than energetic and completely “present”. I have yet to see a half-assed William Control set. And, as a special treat for everyone there, the lead singer of New Years Day, Ash Costello, came out and assisted Will with a few songs, like Dorian Gray.


The green you see is what Nikki Misery from NYD spits on the crowd

Jump to the next show, The We Love Tour Part 2. I am, at the time of this show, 7 months pregnant with my daughter. I am also wearing 5-6 inch heels, because why not? The trip down to Louisville was a weekend trip, because the night before I was hitting up Slenderman: A Haunted Experience at Asylum Haunted Scream Park. It’s not exactly music related, but seriously guys, if you ever get a chance to go here, GO. There’s a documentary about the place called Monsters Wanted, and in the off season it’s a paintball complex. But I digress! The point of bringing up Asylum is that as one of the openers, a performer by the name of Shawna The Dead came up and did some neat tricks, like using an electric drill to securely put a screw up his nose. This is also the night that I watched a man get a dollar bill (okay, it was more than just $1, but I can’t remember what the amount of the bill was) stapled to his taint. Good times, folks.


My 7 months pregnant self with Combichrist

After that I can’t remember who played next, be it Davey Suicide or Darksiderz. Keep in mind my child is now almost a year and a half old and a lot has happened between then and now. For the Darksiderz set I ended up outside to cool off and to mingle. I met a bad ass mother who brought her son and his friend to the show, and spent a lot of time hanging with them and talking. But I was definitely present for Davey Suicide, who put on another fantastic show, and the liquor seemed to loosen him up and caused him to be much more friendly to me than the first time I met him (granted, I also think the fact that I already knew who he was at the second show made him warm up to me more, since I had no clue who he was the first time I met him).


Davey Suicide

And so, what more can I say? The night ended with Will and then Combichrist. And I’ve certainly gone on a bit about both of them already. While I can sing praises all day (clearly), in the end, you really shouldn’t just take my word for it. Keep an eye on tour dates for these guys! Go to your nearest show! Experience the magic for yourself! Because at the end of the day, it’s one thing to read reviews and watch concert footage online or listen to a band’s album, but it’s hard to regret making memories seeing your favorite bands in person.



William Control: The Beginning

I think now would be as good a time as any to relay to you, dear readers, the tale of my adventures going to William Francis concerts. I’ve seen Will several times, and so I’m gonna have to break this down into multiple posts. But I doubt any of you really give two shits. Is anyone actually reading this??

A lot of you are probably asking, “Who the fuck is William Francis?” But you probably already know and just didn’t realize. I myself had always known about Aiden, and watched the music videos and heard the albums. But I didn’t really know who the man behind the music was, because that kind of stuff never actually interested me. All I’ve ever really cared about is the music itself, and occasionally the story behind it.

I honestly can’t tell you when I first heard about William Control, or how I heard about him. But from the first song I heard, Razor’s Edge, I was hooked. After recognizing the face and doing a little digging, I realized I had found out what happened to “the Aiden guy”. And I was far from disappointed.

I devoured Will’s albums under the moniker William Control. I had every song on repeat almost constantly. I excitedly found out about a book that was going to be published. And eventually tour dates were brought to my attention.

One of the greatest things about when Will tours is that his tickets are well priced. They are not the outrageous $400 general admission pit tickets I had to walk away from when I tried to see Panic! At The Disco. No, Will’s tickets are fairly priced, and the venues he goes to are small local venues, where you really get personal with all the bands. Though the sound systems are not always the greatest, the experience has always been top notch for me.

The first time I saw Will was in Indianapolis. He had gathered together Davey Suicide, Fearless Vampire Killers, and The Relapse Symphony. Having to drive several hours to get there and not giving myself enough time, I happened to miss the VIP Meet and Greet. But fate was smiling on me that night, because the guys were all super sweet and invited me to come in and wait with the bands for the doors to open even though Will had already left to do God only knew what. So I mainly stuck around with Ian, who I only knew as the merch guy and then later saw was also the man behind the keyboard. They told me that when Will got back, they would bring me back to meet him before he went onstage.

Every single band was amazing. It was a high energy show that couldn’t disappoint even if it had wanted to. And towards the end of Davey Suicide’s set, they came and brought me back to the dressing room. The first thing that caught my attention was Will’s demeanor. This man is genuinely sweet. He was very gracious, and sitting and talking with him and the other guys was like sitting and talking with good friends. He was kind enough to sign my poster and the copy of his book that I had purchased, and after the show he came out and met with everyone at the merch table.

I got home late, flying high on the adrenaline of the first show I had ever gone to by myself and just the feel good vibes the whole experience had given me. If you’ve never gone to a concert by yourself, I REALLY have to suggest that you do it at least once. I mean, provided you don’t have crippling social anxiety. Then you’re probably already getting the sweats just thinking about it. And in that case, ignore my suggestion. But, if you’re brave enough, it is a totally different experience than going with friends to a show. There’s a little more freedom when you’re not tethered to someone, trying to make sure one of you doesn’t get too far lost from the other. And it opens up the chance for more adventures. It’s no fun going out for pizza at a 24 hour pizza joint in a city you’re visiting for the first time with newfound concert buddies when the friend you brought with you to the show is bitching and acting like an ass because they just wanna go back to the motel and sleep.

I also got home exhausted, and passed out not long after my head hit the pillow. And by some magical happenstance, I awoke early. Don’t ask me how, probably some more of that fate that was still smiling at me from the night before. Upon waking, I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone half-asleep. That was when I saw it… a posting of a show announcement… St. Louis, Missouri. Davey Suicide and William Control opening for Emilie Autumn. We haven’t talked about the sick obsession I had with Emilie Autumn before, but I’m gonna tell you guys right now, seeing her was my DREAM. I had never thought it would be possible, but THE POSSIBILITY WAS STARING ME IN THE FACE, DARING ME TO GRAB IT. And I did. I packed up a bag and woke my mom up just to tell her goodbye. I also almost ran out of money on the trip and had to have my mother call me in a pizza order once I got to the cheap motel room I’d managed to acquire.

The show wasn’t exactly in Missouri. It was just across the river at a little bar. I’m not gonna go into too much detail about the show now, but I will forever be grateful to Will for unknowingly fulfilling my dreams, because without seeing that flier picture he posted, I never would have been able to see Emilie Autumn (for the first time and currently only time, but I refuse to let it be the last time).


I’m gonna stop our story here. we’ll pick up with the next couple of shows next time.

Who is an artist that you have seen multiple times?


Panic! At The Disco

I’m mad at you, Brendon Urie. All of your tickets got sold out before I could get any in ANY city that I would be able to drive to. And resales are $500 FUCKING DOLLARS. But this new album you put out is next to your first album up on a shiny pedestal in my heart, so I’m gonna go ahead and talk about you. I still love you, but I’m definitely mad.


Okay, so I’ve neglected this blog a little bit (Like I tend to do with most blogs tbh). But, I’m ready for another post. The teething baby is asleep early and boyfriend isn’t home, so NOW IS THE TIME! And today, kids, we’re talking about Panic! At The Disco.

For those of you who were unsure before this point, this is NOT a well educated blog. I do not spend countless hours scouring the internet for interviews and articles and twitter feeds for band info. Never have I done this, for ANY musical artist (okay, except Emilie Autumn) and I’ll probably never do it for anyone else. I listen to your music, I love your lyrics and your vocals and your overall sound, and I probably love your stage presence. But I don’t really care what high school you went to or who all your ex girlfriends are.So if you want that kind of shit, go find it on another blog. This is a pure fangirl blog. We just love here <3.


So let’s get started with the love fest. Once upon a time, a long time ago, a group of guys came together and put out a little song called I Write Sings Not Tragedies. And it blew. The. Fuck. Up. And that’s where the obsession started, to be honest. That whole album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, was pure GOLD for me. My mom hated it because it said “god damn”, but then again, she also threw away my Decemberunderground CD (the first CD I ever bought with my own money) because it had songs that talked about suicide. But, I digress. Of course, I didn’t usually have time for the instrumental songs on the album, unless I was playing the CD on repeat while I went to sleep.There is not a song on that album I do not love and I know every lyric by heart to this day and until the day I die.

Next we had Pretty. Odd. I have never been super into this album. Of course, I liked Nine In The Afternoon because it still felt like the stuff from the first album, but everything else was just… lacking for me. Be it lyrically or just in the general feel of the song, but this album mostly missed for me. I can go back and listen to it now when I’m super chilled out and be okay with just about the entire album except the first song, We’re So Starving. And also Behind The Sea. And The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know.

Fast forward a few years and we were gifted Vices & Virtues. Another album that had nothing but winners for me, just like the other albums that followed it.The link I’ve gifted you with goes to a playlist that has a couple songs that weren’t released on the album. Still good. You’re welcome. Honorable music video mention goes to The Ballad of Mona Lisa that gave it’s regards to I Write Sins Not Tragedies and got everyone super pumped for the album release.

We’re moving up a little in time, and Panic has graced us with something new, something… different. This, to me, showed was when the tides shifted for Panic. Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (And another link to a playlist with a few songs not actually released on the album). It sounded less like the first album, but was new and exciting and still made you wanna sing along and dance and do hand dolphins out the car window driving down the freeway.

And here we are, folks. The album we have been impatiently awaiting through every single release and music video. The nod to Frank Sinatra, the catchy tunes and lyrics we’ve come to love from Panic!, the vocal range showcase. In the ranking of best Panic! At The Disco albums, this one ties for first with Fever. I’m talking about Death of a Bachelor, of course!! Brendon’s first solo album, and a heavy hitter right our of the gate. There is no such thing as a bad song on this album. Seriously, go pick it up at Walmart right mother fuckin’ now.




So, what is your favorite Panic! song or album?


Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a double wide trailer in Louisiana, I began cultivating my love of music and expanding my music library. I started out on MySpace (But God, didn’t we all?). Of course we’re all exposed to the bands that shape us by word of mouth from friends. And for a minute there was Vampire Freaks delivering new music to me (here’s looking at you, Emilie Autumn).

But now, there’s Facebook and YouTube and Pandora and Soundcloud and so many places you can get your music from and find new artists to play patron to. And one of these places is Twitter.

Yes, with the creation of this blog came a Facebook page, an email, an Instagram (which is mostly blank right now. It’s a dead season for me with shows), and a Twitter account. And if you make it, they will come. So I have seen a nice influx of bands following me on Twitter, most of which I’ve never heard of before.

Of my short time in this little online musical adventure, I have come up with two very important suggestions for anyone who takes their music very seriously:
1.) Make an email specifically for signing up for band newsletters. And check it at least once a week. That’s where the special pre-sale tickets go for some bands (Like the Rob Zombie tickets I scored).
2.) Make a Twitter specifically for following bands. New bands you’ve never heard of will follow you, and when you go listen to them on SoundCloud or YouTube, a lot of the time you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

To the bands that are following me on Twitter, I HEAR YOU! I SEE YOU! I am taking time to listen to at least 1 song from every one of you. Now, some of you aren’t my cup of tea, which is okay because you’re gonna go follow people who listen and DO like you. But if I’m not digging it, I’m not gonna follow you back. If I DO like you, I’m probably gonna give you a shout out and a compliment and you know you’re gonna love that ego stroke.

So go follow me on Twitter, @ConcertRaven, right now, so you can also be exposed to the rockin’ badass bands that follow me and that I have followed back.