William Control and Andy Black

It’s been awhile, but I finally got some live music back in my life. And who better than to bring it back than Mr. William Control? Especially since his new album, part 2 of a 4 part EP project he’s calling Revelations, was just dropped. Following the Pale EP, the Black EP comes to us with 1 music video already released and a new song from the album introduced at his headliner show in Cleveland at The Agora Ballroom and Theatre.


Cleveland is not a fun drive for me. And I really overestimated the traffic and ended up 2 hours before they were letting the VIPs into the venue, which was an hour before regular doors. VIP was the usual warm welcome that I’ve come to know from Wil, and my poster was vandalized by Kenneth, which was not an unwelcome thing. Sometimes you need things in your life that you didn’t know you’d need, like a poster of William Control with crudely drawn glasses and the word “nerd” in silver Sharpie.


First band was local to Cleveland, a duo called Toxic Waters. Highlight of the set; His rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me” that he dedicated to his girlfriend. Second band was also local, called Minimal Concern. I actually met the bassist’s mom while in line to get into the venue. Both bands were good, and I went and liked their Facebook pages so I can keep track of them. I really love going to shows where local bands are playing and finding that they have great energy. Too often local bands just don’t put themselves into their live performances, and that’s a shame.

After the local bands was a group called Master T.C. and the Visitors. These guys come out all in black, one in face paint, some with bowler hats with goggles. A guitarist was wearing the ultimate frilly Gothic Victorian shirt. Needless to say, some assumptions were made on what I was going to hear. It’s true what they say about not jumping to conclusion, though, because what I heard was NOTHING like I was expecting. Which was at first surprising and caught me off guard, then finally I warmed up to it. Not my usual style of music, but I very much enjoyed myself.


All the Gothic Victorian Frilly goodness

Then we had Palaye Royale. Now, I had heard of these lovely guys before, but never took the time to look into their music. There was a high number of 13 year olds who had come to the show specifically for them, so it’s not surprising that I hadn’t checked them out yet, but I’m glad I did finally get to hear them, because they were fantastic. High energy, interactive, and the lead singer took his fucking pants and shirt off and sang in his underwear. An unexpected move, but one that I can honestly respect in a way. It takes a lot of confidence and guts to sing in front of people, especially a crowd of people. It takes a little more guts to sing in your underwear under the same circumstances, at least in my opinion.


And finally, we came to William Control. If he is anything, William Control is consistent in the quality of his shows. I really cannot recommend more highly that you guys go see him live if you never have before. And his tickets and more often than not very decently priced, even VIP. The one thing that surprised me, though, was that he did not come out after his set to see people at the merch table. However, it’s understandable since they needed to get on the road.


Sass Master

The next night had me in Cincinnati, where traffic was surprisingly worse than Cleveland. I got in just after Palaye Royale had started playing and wormed my way up as far as I could. They didn’t take their pants off, but after meeting them after the show I found out that was only because they couldn’t their shoes off. Forgivable. Knowing a little more of their music than I had the night before, it was nice to be able to sing along to some of their songs. They’re really sweet guys, and I appreciate that in someone who clearly has a lot of young people looking up to them.


William was up after, and being on an even bigger stage had him swinging his mic more than usual, which is always impressive to watch.While it’s understandable that majority of the people in Cincinnati were there for Andy Black, the crowd was still very receptive to Wil, and he fed off our energy.

A quick tip from yours truly: If you go to a show, try to actually fucking enjoy yourself. Because I’ve seen it too many times where the crowd isn’t necessarily familiar with the band and so just stands there and doesn’t interact. And that’s pathetic. You’re there to see a show. if they’re putting on a good show, you should be reacting accordingly.

And then Andy Black took the stage. And the crowd went wild. Fun fact that I learned that very night: Cincinnati and Andy Black’s hometown. He played Battle of the Bands in high school right there at Bogart’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Andy, as I haven’t listened to his music since I heard Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides, but he put on a great show and was very entertaining. And he played Dancing With myself by Billy Idol, so that earned major props from me.


It was nice seeing Wil play with Andy Black, but I’m itching to see him do a real, full headlining tour. Who would you like to see Wil bring along on a tour?


Inquisitional Tourture

Alright guys, this one is a little overdue. But writing this shit isn’t my job (sadly), it’s just a hobby. And I don’t think anyone reads this shit anyway, so I’m allowed to take breaks lol.

On March 2, I drove down to Cincinnati to attend The Inquisitional Tourture. Ne Obliviscaris, Butcher Babies, and Cradle of Filth. And I’m gonna be honest, guys. If you missed this tour, you really missed out on something phenomenal.

I’m going to go ahead and admit to you guys that I am only human (sometimes). We missed all but 2 songs of Ne Obliviscaris’s set, because I’ve never had to use my emergency brake, and this didn’t know where it was in my car. And so, when I was getting into the car after filling up the gas tank, I accidentally pushed it just a fraction, and caused the brake light to come in. And it took me an hour and a trip to a garage to have them show me where my emergency brake was. Angry tears were shed, pained words were shouted in the Wal-mart parking lot. It wasn’t good, guys.

But! We still managed to make it. The last two songs I heard from Ne Obliviscaris were really great, and if they had accepted credit cards, I’d have a CD and a t-shirt (sorry, guys, I’ll get your merch online eventually). And I’m a sucker for a good band with sweet vocals and a bad ass violinist.

Now, I wanna take a moment to talk about the venue before we get into the meat of the show. The boyfriend and I saw this show at Bogart’s. It was our first time there, and I was kind of disappointed I didn’t get a chance to really explore the venue since we got there late. I like to know my surroundings. But it was easy to maneuver through, I really appreciated the long row of stalls in the bathroom (though what’s up with the lack of sinks?!), and their sound system was GREAT. I’ve gotten used to tiny venues with shitty sound systems that leave me partially deaf for a few days, so the change was very nice. I couldn’t tell you what the price on drinks was at the bar, because I didn’t buy them (the perks of a boyfriend who will be the designated driver on your birthday), but the amount of alcohol we got in them was decent. I definitely look forward to another show there.

Now then, let’s get on with the story, shall we?

Butcher Babies. Is there really any more anyone can ask for? Not one, but two very gorgeous bad ass women with perfect metal voices. Their energy was great, and they got everyone up and moving. I joined in a few mosh pits, got to listen to Monster’s Ball (’cause let’s be honest, how can you not like that song?), and then I got to crowd surf for the first time. I’m gonna be honest, guys, I’m not a tiny lady. I am roughly 190lbs of hips and thighs and ass, and I’ve always been a bit bigger. I really wanted to crowd surf, especially when Heidi issued the challenge for people to crowd surf over to her for high fives, but I was afraid. So I inched my way over to the middle of the crowd and some really nice guys helped me up. And that was it. I was sailing over a sea of hands towards the stage, and it was incredible. I grabbed Heidi’s hand and held it for a moment before security caught me over the railing and sent me back into the crowd. Sadly, the shirt I got from them was bigger than I had thought it was, and so I’m gonna have to learn some t-shirt surgery in order to make it something wearable for public use.

And then there was Cradle of Filth. I was not at all sure what to expect from Cradle, and so when Dani came on stage, it was this surreal moment of seeing him in the flesh. I had always thought he’d be short, but it was hard to tell his height with him up on the stage. He looked of a moderate size. The mosh pits were grand, and thankfully chivalrous, because my boots had zero grip and of course there was water/beer/alcohol/Coca-Cola on the floor, so I did fall two times, but was immediately pulled back up. I got to crowd surf again, and helped get someone else up into the air. Around the time that I thought they were going to stop, I went to the merch tables to get the things I wanted. We then stood at the back of the crowd while Cradle finished and went off stage. Of course I stood around for a moment, waiting for the lights to come in to find out if Cradle was going to be at the table after the show…

And then they came back out. And I couldn’t tell you how many more songs were played, but we thankfully stayed long enough to hear From The Cradle To Enslave. But the absolute cherry on top of the whole night was when they played Nymphetamine Fix. That song has been my favorite of theirs, and was the first song I ever heard from Cradle back in middle school. I danced to that song when I was a stripper. I’ve put that song on mix CDs for people. And to hear it there, live, watching Dani Filth, my only regret was that I wasn’t closer to the stage. Sadly, we ended up having to leave early because the show was on a weekday and my boyfriend is a teacher, so he had to be up for work quite early and we had a bit of a drive home. So I didn’t get a picture with any of the bands. But the experience I had was a glorious one, and it was the best birthday concert I have attended, right up there with the time I went to see Phantom of the Opera by myself in Columbus.

So, question of the day. Have you ever gone to a concert for your birthday? If so, who did you see? And if not, who would you like to see?