Get Liquid

We’re gonna get kind personal for a moment here, so I hope you guys don’t mind. This one’s not about a tour, or a band, or a new album. This one’s something very near and dear to me that I have fairly recently discovered and fallen in love with. And you know exactly what I’m talking about without knowing what it’s called.

But it’s called Liquid Motion. And it is quite seriously exactly what it sounds like.

I’m taking liquid motion classes at a local fitness place, and out of all the classes they offer, none make me feel quite so sexy as this one. These classes are literally whatever you make of them, because as long as you keep moving your body and feeling the music you’re doing it right. There’s a spectrum to liquid motion, from graceful to sexual, and it doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum. Where you fall might even depend on the song you’re dancing to.

Liquid Motion is your chance to bust out those songs that make you body roll when you’re sitting in the car, that make you run your hands up your body and through your hair. Songs like Slept So Long from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Or maybe Halsey is more your style? How about The Weeknd?

My question to you is, what kind of songs would you like to dance to in a Liquid Motion class?


A Call To Arms

If you’ve been into the music scene at all, you’re probably familiar with the concept of street teams. If you’re not, the easiest definition is a group of fans worldwide who spread the good word about their favorite musical artists. And one of my favorite musicians (as if you couldn’t already tell considering he takes up the majority of content on my blog so far) has issued a call to arms for his fans.

Yes, that’s right folks. Mr. William Control himself is calling together a street team of massive proportions, his devoted fans working hard to reach one goal: “create as much publicity and gain as much exposure as possible for the work of William Control”.

Following the release of his newest album, The Pale EP, as well as the third installment in his tantalizing Revelator trilogy, William seems intent on taking over the music scene. The first we’ll be seeing of him in 2017 will be on tour with Andy Black, and it’s safe to say that with the street team, we’re looking to pack those houses fuller than they’ve ever been.

If you’re anything like me and all the others on the street team, there’s something about William’s music that speaks to you in some way, be it in the beats or the words or something else entirely. And like any good thing, those feelings are meant to be shared. If you’d like to join the street team, shoot an email to giving them your name and location. You’ll also, preferably, want to request to join The Neuromantic’s Facebook group, as I’ve linked it below. They’ll cross reference your name and location in your email with your name on Facebook before accepting you into the group. And from there the idea is to have weekly tasks that you can do to help, which could be something as simple as retweeting something or putting up posters in your city.

And, they’re especially looking for people in the following cities:
San Francisco
Salt Lake City
New York City
Washington DC
San Antonio



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The American Wake Tour

While everything is fresh in my mind, I want to talk to you guys about an incredible experience I had last night.

By far, Terrance Zdunich’s most popular work has got to be as Graverobber in Repo! The Genetic Opera. There are very few of my friends who have not seen it or heard of it, and Terrance’s velvet smooth bass voice is hard to miss once you’ve heard it. An ex actually turned me on to the movie, and I ended up seeing it in Indianapolis when they did the 5 year tour. This was my second time meeting TZ.

After Repo, we saw him touring a project lovingly titled The Devil’s Carnival, and it’s sequel, The Devil’s Carnival 2: Alleluia. All the Repo fans FLOCKED to the tour dates. I first met Terrance at a showing for The Devil’s Carnival in Dallas. Once you meet this man, he’s unforgettable. Aside from his voice, he’s just an all-around genuinely nice guy. My third time seeing him was at Alleluia in Columbus.


God, we looked so god damn high

Now, all three works I’ve mentioned are movies. They set up in the same little theaters that house Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight shadow casts and let us all share in the beauty of these movies together, with people in costume and singing together the songs we’ve all learned and love. At the showing of Alleluia, though, they started talking about a new project: American Murder Song. I certainly had no clue what to expect from this project of TZ and Saar Hendelman, but once videos started popping up on YouTube it was ever apparent.

Given the fact that this was no movie and was indeed a series of short EPs, when they announced the tour I was once again left with the mystery of what they could be bringing to their loyal fans this time.

Set in the 1800’s, the songs are of murders on American soil. They portray a motley cast of characters, from Sweet Rosalie and Pretty Lavinia to Unwed Henry and Quiet Johnny. Some of the songs are quite upbeat despite their morbid topics, while others can only be described as haunting (here’s looking at you Lullaby).

But when it came down to the show, I was so impressed with how they did it. American Murder Song didn’t quite get the same following that TDC or Repo got, so there weren’t as many people as I had expected. But it was such an intimate gathering with Terrance and Saar on stage in front of us with just a banjo, an upright bass, and a violin. We sang, we joked, and we just overall had an amazing time. They’re still touring right now, so go check for tour dates near you and get ready to crash a wake!


William Control: 2 Final Shows, 1 Big Question

Hello darlings who I have neglected! I’m assuming you’ve fended for yourselves like the rabid animals you are and are not rotting carcasses on the floor of WordPress. Finally I’ve found the time and the will power to finish up where we are in the history of the only band I’ve seen multiple times.

When I last left you guys, I was pregnant in our story wearing 5-6 inch heels at a rock concert. Typical me, right? Well, I had the baby, found a boyfriend, and left the baby with my grandmother for a night to take the boyfriend to his first concert. Granted, he had never heard of William Control or Aiden before, but he’s always been surprisingly supportive of me and accepting of my musical obsessions (the man never listened to metal before me. I shall corrupt him one day).


So, in 2015, I was right back where I started in watching William Control on the same stage where I first saw him. Nostalgia is sweet and sometimes smells like downtown Indianapolis, in case you were wondering. We had on stage first Justin Symbol, who I had never heard of before. And my first impression was of a young Marilyn Manson, if not quite as extreme. But he was entertaining and threw fake money on everyone while singing into a microphone that looked like a giant cynical icicle. Seriously, guys, it’s been so long I don’t remember all the details, but I know there was a gimp mask and a leash and candy, so I’m gonna say it was a successful set for him. After the show I got to meet him and he was honestly so sweet and down to earth. And have you seen the panties he’s been selling in his merch shop lately? Any man who can model his brand on bodies of all sizes is a friend to me. I even bought his CD, which wasn’t bad, but it’s more of the kind of stuff I prefer to listen to live than to just listen to in the car. I’m weird like that.


Next there was a little band called Requiem, whose lead singer you might remember from a little band called I Am Ghost. They. Fucking. KILLED IT. Will always travels with such sweet people, and Steven Juliano was no different. At the end of the night, I wish I had bought a CD, but I got a poster and a candle instead. Sadly, Requiem is no more, and Juliano has decided to stop making music. but his musical contributions are still out there! Just waiting to be downloaded! I Am Ghost is also no more, and they are planning their final concert in California this year.


I have seen William Control one more time since then, and it was on his last tour with Aiden. Aiden was where I first learned about Will and first fell in love with his music. I remember first seeing the Die Romantic video on MTV. And actually hearing that song in person was…. phenomenal. The sense of camaraderie at all of his shows is so beautiful. I’ve yet to experience any judgement or any rudeness and have made so many wonderful friends.


We saw Aiden in 2015 as well just North of Lousiville, in a tiny town in Indiana. The bands that opened were local bands and they were both so talented. But, the first band was called Ventura and had a gorgeous female lead singer with a rockin’ body who wore a Harley Quinn latex getup and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with her.

The second band was called Uh Huh Baby Yeah, and for awhile we were pretty sure he was stuck where he had climbed up on top of the bathrooms (the bathroom was a little room that looked like it had been added last minute with a ceiling lower than the ceiling of the building). One of the guys in the band looked like the essence of the band The Darkness. And all of them just kind of… jumped and rolled around on the floor and had way more energy than I think I’ve ever had in my life haha. But they were entertaining and the music was good. I personally did find them quite as personable, nor the first band. But, AshestoAngels had that characteristic sweetness that I’ve come to expect from anyone who tours with Will. Kissing Candice also made an appearance, but we’ve talked about them. I can’t stress enough how awesome they are live.

AshestoAngels fucking ROCKED the damn place! I had listened to their music on YouTube and so figured I knew a little of what to expect, but they were just so amazing in person! All the energy and the fun and the heart that they put into everything made the experience so amazing, and I regret not getting a picture with them. I’ll keep hoping they come back to the States soon.


And so that’s it, guys. For now, at least. The big question remains WHEN will I get to see Will tour again, because he’s given all his love to the UK lately due to shitty tour managers here in the States. Still waiting on that book drop for Revelator 3. But, pre-orders for the first of 4 EPs he’s releasing start TODAY! This is going to contain the fucking badass song The Monster that he released on YouTube for our listening pleasure, which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since it dropped. And with word of a movie for the Revelator books? Will’s a busy guy, it would seem. But, we’ll always be here waiting for his next move.

Disappointment aka Fort Wayne, You Suck

This one is a little overdue, guys, and I apologize for that. But, it’s been hard for me to figure out how I want to get this one written down. You see, I had a bad experience at a concert, and I don’t want to spend the whole time bitching, but I wasn’t really given much more to work with.

We’ll start from the beginning. I had never been to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And thus, I had no clue what to expect. I did not expect, however, the $5 parking charge. And the fact that it would be cash only. So already I was annoyed, on top of the fact that I was running a tad bit late because of conflicting information out there about the start time, and the fact that I didn’t think it would be necessary to follow the venue on Facebook to keep updated.

What was I going to see? Something that I paid way too much for, I can tell you that. It was a co-headlining show with Disturbed and Rob Zombie, featuring Pop Evil as the opening band. Now, I have nothing against Pop Evil, but I don’t exactly have anything of theirs downloaded and I only know the songs I heard on the radio. We walked in during the middle of their set, and from what I saw they had really great stage presence. The lead singer even ran up and sang in the stands.

That’s right, guys. I went to a giant venue where they actually have stadium type seating. I’ve been so spoiled with my small venue experiences, I thought I’d never go back to one of those places. But I figured that if anyone was worth it, Rob Zombie would be worth it. And that’s part of the problem I have with loving big name guys like RZ. They really only ever seem to play giant venues like that, with outrageously priced tickets. But seeing Zombie was my dream. And it still is, because I couldn’t see the man to save my life!

I got floor tickets, because where the fuck else would you expect me to be. But little did I know that I had walked into another god forsaken venue that does not allow moshing or crowd surfing. Thank you, Fort Wayne, for once again sucking the fun out of everything. But as rude as the staff was, and overpriced the drinks, the people that actually went to see the show were just fucking awful. The whole place smelled like bad body odor and sweat and halitosis. I’m really concerned that Fort Wayne isn’t showering or brushing their teeth, because that’s really not sanitary or healthy, guys. There was a stupid prick who kept pulling the boyfriend’s ponytail. And I was stuck behind guys letting pretty, skinny girls in front of them, but couldn’t let me get anywhere that I might actually be able to see the stage. At one point there was a girl trying to shove me to the side to get in front of me, but I stood my ground. Now, if you ask me nicely, I will absolutely let you get in front of me, provided you make sure that I can still. But this bitch had these HUGE guys come up and barrel through us all. I came so close to punching some big ass dudes in the back of the head, but I really can’t afford to get knocked out at a show.

So no, I couldn’t see Rob Zombie if my life depended on it. I could see the screen, which was cool, but I wasn’t there to just watch whatever video he had playing to go along with the songs, I was there to watch HIM. If I wanted to just listen to his music, I could’ve done that at home and not had to deal with Fort Wayne assholes! From what I could hear, he sounded awesome, and the few times he came into my line of vision, he had so much energy. I would’ve killed for VIP meet and greet tickets, but I’m broke as fuck. That’s the mommy life, though.

Now, by the time Disturbed came up, I was just in a foul mood all around. The merchandise was too expensive and I would never get anywhere that I could actually see the stage, so I was super bummed. The whole concert experience just wasn’t there for me anymore. I was literally miserable. So we settled somewhere standing at the back of the crowd. Of course that still didn’t save us from being jostled, because two security guys were escorting a man who wasn’t even fighting them out of the arena, and instead of moving 2 inches to the left, they decided to shove me and the boyfriend out of the way. Really nice, guys.

So David Draiman and the guys take the stage. And that’s about it. Flashy light show and fire. But Draiman just walked back and forth across the stage. The whole time. No stage energy at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the man’s vocals were on fucking point. And it’s not like I could really see the guys that well, anyway. But the most exciting thing was all the fire and the lights. I could’ve listened to that at home.

All in all, it still pains me that I wasted so much money on a shitty experience. I will never go back to that venue for anything ever again in my life. And now that I’ve seen Disturbed once, I really don’t feel like it’s an experience I need to go have again. However, Rob Zombie is still on my fucking list, and next time I’m saving up for VIP damn it! I, of course, bought these tickets before the tour with Korn was announced, so I’m still really bummed that I don’t get to go see that, but I don’t doubt that they’ll go a-touring together again. The only real highlight of my night was getting to out to eat afterwards with an old friend, who reminded me that Fort Wayne isn’t completely full of shitty people.

Have you ever had a disappointing concert experience?

Combichrist: The We Love Tour I and II aka William Control Cont’d

Let’s continue our story from the last time we spoke, shall we?

After the Emilie Autumn show, the next two times I saw William Control was as an opener for Combichrist. And, dear friends, if you ever get a chance to see Combichrist, for all that is unholy and vile, PLEASE TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY. They were all super sweet, if a little (read: A LOT) mischievous. And their on stage energy was infectious. Both times I saw them they absolutely KILLED it.
So the first of these two shows was in Cleveland, The We Love Tour. I had commandeered a driver and headed up to Detroit the night before for the signing party that Sycamour threw, which I have written about before. We then drove down to Cleveland right after… But still too early for the hotel to let us pay for just one night. So we ended up sleeping in the car (myself quite pissed off and not able to fall asleep, so grudgingly curled up and glaring at the building) until they let us come in and pay for just a one night stay at around 7:00am.
But I digress! Opening for Combichrist that night we had a band I’d never heard of before called Kissing Candice. Bemasked men took the stage and impressed me more than I had expected to be impressed. These guys are fucking gold. And while no one moshed, because, sadly, I’ve found most people at shows won’t mosh unless they know the band and the music, they still had a fucking grand set. PLUS they’re big fans of Trollhunter, which is one of the best “B” movies in the horror genre, so if you haven’t seen that, get the fuck to it.

Next on stage we had New Years Day. The first time I saw them was at Warped Tour 2013, and I didn’t stick around long. I had tried to listen to them on my own, but I’m extremely picky about vocals and what I found just didn’t fit the bill. Well, by this time they had come out with some new material, and this time I was really liking what I heard. And seeing them on stage this time was a whole different ball game from Warped Tour. They were fantastic. And maybe it was just the different ambience of the whole thing, but I couldn’t have been happier with their set and their stage presence.


Myself, with Ash Costello

And now we get to William Control. I’m going to go ahead and say this now; I have NEVER been to a show where William Control was anything less than energetic and completely “present”. I have yet to see a half-assed William Control set. And, as a special treat for everyone there, the lead singer of New Years Day, Ash Costello, came out and assisted Will with a few songs, like Dorian Gray.


The green you see is what Nikki Misery from NYD spits on the crowd

Jump to the next show, The We Love Tour Part 2. I am, at the time of this show, 7 months pregnant with my daughter. I am also wearing 5-6 inch heels, because why not? The trip down to Louisville was a weekend trip, because the night before I was hitting up Slenderman: A Haunted Experience at Asylum Haunted Scream Park. It’s not exactly music related, but seriously guys, if you ever get a chance to go here, GO. There’s a documentary about the place called Monsters Wanted, and in the off season it’s a paintball complex. But I digress! The point of bringing up Asylum is that as one of the openers, a performer by the name of Shawna The Dead came up and did some neat tricks, like using an electric drill to securely put a screw up his nose. This is also the night that I watched a man get a dollar bill (okay, it was more than just $1, but I can’t remember what the amount of the bill was) stapled to his taint. Good times, folks.


My 7 months pregnant self with Combichrist

After that I can’t remember who played next, be it Davey Suicide or Darksiderz. Keep in mind my child is now almost a year and a half old and a lot has happened between then and now. For the Darksiderz set I ended up outside to cool off and to mingle. I met a bad ass mother who brought her son and his friend to the show, and spent a lot of time hanging with them and talking. But I was definitely present for Davey Suicide, who put on another fantastic show, and the liquor seemed to loosen him up and caused him to be much more friendly to me than the first time I met him (granted, I also think the fact that I already knew who he was at the second show made him warm up to me more, since I had no clue who he was the first time I met him).


Davey Suicide

And so, what more can I say? The night ended with Will and then Combichrist. And I’ve certainly gone on a bit about both of them already. While I can sing praises all day (clearly), in the end, you really shouldn’t just take my word for it. Keep an eye on tour dates for these guys! Go to your nearest show! Experience the magic for yourself! Because at the end of the day, it’s one thing to read reviews and watch concert footage online or listen to a band’s album, but it’s hard to regret making memories seeing your favorite bands in person.


William Control: The Beginning

I think now would be as good a time as any to relay to you, dear readers, the tale of my adventures going to William Francis concerts. I’ve seen Will several times, and so I’m gonna have to break this down into multiple posts. But I doubt any of you really give two shits. Is anyone actually reading this??

A lot of you are probably asking, “Who the fuck is William Francis?” But you probably already know and just didn’t realize. I myself had always known about Aiden, and watched the music videos and heard the albums. But I didn’t really know who the man behind the music was, because that kind of stuff never actually interested me. All I’ve ever really cared about is the music itself, and occasionally the story behind it.

I honestly can’t tell you when I first heard about William Control, or how I heard about him. But from the first song I heard, Razor’s Edge, I was hooked. After recognizing the face and doing a little digging, I realized I had found out what happened to “the Aiden guy”. And I was far from disappointed.

I devoured Will’s albums under the moniker William Control. I had every song on repeat almost constantly. I excitedly found out about a book that was going to be published. And eventually tour dates were brought to my attention.

One of the greatest things about when Will tours is that his tickets are well priced. They are not the outrageous $400 general admission pit tickets I had to walk away from when I tried to see Panic! At The Disco. No, Will’s tickets are fairly priced, and the venues he goes to are small local venues, where you really get personal with all the bands. Though the sound systems are not always the greatest, the experience has always been top notch for me.

The first time I saw Will was in Indianapolis. He had gathered together Davey Suicide, Fearless Vampire Killers, and The Relapse Symphony. Having to drive several hours to get there and not giving myself enough time, I happened to miss the VIP Meet and Greet. But fate was smiling on me that night, because the guys were all super sweet and invited me to come in and wait with the bands for the doors to open even though Will had already left to do God only knew what. So I mainly stuck around with Ian, who I only knew as the merch guy and then later saw was also the man behind the keyboard. They told me that when Will got back, they would bring me back to meet him before he went onstage.

Every single band was amazing. It was a high energy show that couldn’t disappoint even if it had wanted to. And towards the end of Davey Suicide’s set, they came and brought me back to the dressing room. The first thing that caught my attention was Will’s demeanor. This man is genuinely sweet. He was very gracious, and sitting and talking with him and the other guys was like sitting and talking with good friends. He was kind enough to sign my poster and the copy of his book that I had purchased, and after the show he came out and met with everyone at the merch table.

I got home late, flying high on the adrenaline of the first show I had ever gone to by myself and just the feel good vibes the whole experience had given me. If you’ve never gone to a concert by yourself, I REALLY have to suggest that you do it at least once. I mean, provided you don’t have crippling social anxiety. Then you’re probably already getting the sweats just thinking about it. And in that case, ignore my suggestion. But, if you’re brave enough, it is a totally different experience than going with friends to a show. There’s a little more freedom when you’re not tethered to someone, trying to make sure one of you doesn’t get too far lost from the other. And it opens up the chance for more adventures. It’s no fun going out for pizza at a 24 hour pizza joint in a city you’re visiting for the first time with newfound concert buddies when the friend you brought with you to the show is bitching and acting like an ass because they just wanna go back to the motel and sleep.

I also got home exhausted, and passed out not long after my head hit the pillow. And by some magical happenstance, I awoke early. Don’t ask me how, probably some more of that fate that was still smiling at me from the night before. Upon waking, I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone half-asleep. That was when I saw it… a posting of a show announcement… St. Louis, Missouri. Davey Suicide and William Control opening for Emilie Autumn. We haven’t talked about the sick obsession I had with Emilie Autumn before, but I’m gonna tell you guys right now, seeing her was my DREAM. I had never thought it would be possible, but THE POSSIBILITY WAS STARING ME IN THE FACE, DARING ME TO GRAB IT. And I did. I packed up a bag and woke my mom up just to tell her goodbye. I also almost ran out of money on the trip and had to have my mother call me in a pizza order once I got to the cheap motel room I’d managed to acquire.

The show wasn’t exactly in Missouri. It was just across the river at a little bar. I’m not gonna go into too much detail about the show now, but I will forever be grateful to Will for unknowingly fulfilling my dreams, because without seeing that flier picture he posted, I never would have been able to see Emilie Autumn (for the first time and currently only time, but I refuse to let it be the last time).


I’m gonna stop our story here. we’ll pick up with the next couple of shows next time.

Who is an artist that you have seen multiple times?


Pandora Station of the Month: Ivy Levan

I have neglected you, Blog. And I am sorry. But you must understand that life is busy and sometimes overwhelming and I’m not making any money off of you, so I have no real commitment to you at the moment. But this does not mean I care about you any less. It just means being a mommy is a full time job on top of my other full time job in that god forsaken call center.

So, where has music been fitting into my life lately? In the car on my commute to and from work when I’m not talking on the phone to the boyfriend. And what’s been playing? The Pandora app on my phone. I’ve been addicted to the Ivy Levan station. Of course there are a couple songs I’m gonna skip over. But when you’ve got ZZ Ward, Gin Wigmore, and Elle King pumping woman power through your speakers, it’s hard to stop listening.

Here’s a fun little factoid for you: I have recently decided that I am going to participate in a Burlesque show. My first one, and boy do I have my work cut out for me. The theme is heroes and villains, and at first I was stuck between two Batman villains; Joker or Scarecrow. But my music choices turned out to be a little too heavy (another one of my favorite Pandora stations is the one for Butcher Babies). So, after listening to my Ivy Levan station, I finally found the perfect song for Joker. I don’t wanna spoil anything too soon, so I’ll fill you in on that little endeavor later.

What kind of sound are you gonna get from this station. Soul, honey. So much sultry soul. Women with raw voices and beats you can dance to and lyrics you can relate to. If I listen to this station with my ear buds in, you can bet if I’m walking it’s gonna put a little extra swing in my hips.

But seriously, if you haven’t checked out the Ivy Levan station on Pandora, please do yourself a favor and put it on while you’re driving to work, or cooking dinner, or cleaning out the car, or getting ready for a night out with the girls.

Inquisitional Tourture

Alright guys, this one is a little overdue. But writing this shit isn’t my job (sadly), it’s just a hobby. And I don’t think anyone reads this shit anyway, so I’m allowed to take breaks lol.

On March 2, I drove down to Cincinnati to attend The Inquisitional Tourture. Ne Obliviscaris, Butcher Babies, and Cradle of Filth. And I’m gonna be honest, guys. If you missed this tour, you really missed out on something phenomenal.

I’m going to go ahead and admit to you guys that I am only human (sometimes). We missed all but 2 songs of Ne Obliviscaris’s set, because I’ve never had to use my emergency brake, and this didn’t know where it was in my car. And so, when I was getting into the car after filling up the gas tank, I accidentally pushed it just a fraction, and caused the brake light to come in. And it took me an hour and a trip to a garage to have them show me where my emergency brake was. Angry tears were shed, pained words were shouted in the Wal-mart parking lot. It wasn’t good, guys.

But! We still managed to make it. The last two songs I heard from Ne Obliviscaris were really great, and if they had accepted credit cards, I’d have a CD and a t-shirt (sorry, guys, I’ll get your merch online eventually). And I’m a sucker for a good band with sweet vocals and a bad ass violinist.

Now, I wanna take a moment to talk about the venue before we get into the meat of the show. The boyfriend and I saw this show at Bogart’s. It was our first time there, and I was kind of disappointed I didn’t get a chance to really explore the venue since we got there late. I like to know my surroundings. But it was easy to maneuver through, I really appreciated the long row of stalls in the bathroom (though what’s up with the lack of sinks?!), and their sound system was GREAT. I’ve gotten used to tiny venues with shitty sound systems that leave me partially deaf for a few days, so the change was very nice. I couldn’t tell you what the price on drinks was at the bar, because I didn’t buy them (the perks of a boyfriend who will be the designated driver on your birthday), but the amount of alcohol we got in them was decent. I definitely look forward to another show there.

Now then, let’s get on with the story, shall we?

Butcher Babies. Is there really any more anyone can ask for? Not one, but two very gorgeous bad ass women with perfect metal voices. Their energy was great, and they got everyone up and moving. I joined in a few mosh pits, got to listen to Monster’s Ball (’cause let’s be honest, how can you not like that song?), and then I got to crowd surf for the first time. I’m gonna be honest, guys, I’m not a tiny lady. I am roughly 190lbs of hips and thighs and ass, and I’ve always been a bit bigger. I really wanted to crowd surf, especially when Heidi issued the challenge for people to crowd surf over to her for high fives, but I was afraid. So I inched my way over to the middle of the crowd and some really nice guys helped me up. And that was it. I was sailing over a sea of hands towards the stage, and it was incredible. I grabbed Heidi’s hand and held it for a moment before security caught me over the railing and sent me back into the crowd. Sadly, the shirt I got from them was bigger than I had thought it was, and so I’m gonna have to learn some t-shirt surgery in order to make it something wearable for public use.

And then there was Cradle of Filth. I was not at all sure what to expect from Cradle, and so when Dani came on stage, it was this surreal moment of seeing him in the flesh. I had always thought he’d be short, but it was hard to tell his height with him up on the stage. He looked of a moderate size. The mosh pits were grand, and thankfully chivalrous, because my boots had zero grip and of course there was water/beer/alcohol/Coca-Cola on the floor, so I did fall two times, but was immediately pulled back up. I got to crowd surf again, and helped get someone else up into the air. Around the time that I thought they were going to stop, I went to the merch tables to get the things I wanted. We then stood at the back of the crowd while Cradle finished and went off stage. Of course I stood around for a moment, waiting for the lights to come in to find out if Cradle was going to be at the table after the show…

And then they came back out. And I couldn’t tell you how many more songs were played, but we thankfully stayed long enough to hear From The Cradle To Enslave. But the absolute cherry on top of the whole night was when they played Nymphetamine Fix. That song has been my favorite of theirs, and was the first song I ever heard from Cradle back in middle school. I danced to that song when I was a stripper. I’ve put that song on mix CDs for people. And to hear it there, live, watching Dani Filth, my only regret was that I wasn’t closer to the stage. Sadly, we ended up having to leave early because the show was on a weekday and my boyfriend is a teacher, so he had to be up for work quite early and we had a bit of a drive home. So I didn’t get a picture with any of the bands. But the experience I had was a glorious one, and it was the best birthday concert I have attended, right up there with the time I went to see Phantom of the Opera by myself in Columbus.

So, question of the day. Have you ever gone to a concert for your birthday? If so, who did you see? And if not, who would you like to see?


Panic! At The Disco

I’m mad at you, Brendon Urie. All of your tickets got sold out before I could get any in ANY city that I would be able to drive to. And resales are $500 FUCKING DOLLARS. But this new album you put out is next to your first album up on a shiny pedestal in my heart, so I’m gonna go ahead and talk about you. I still love you, but I’m definitely mad.


Okay, so I’ve neglected this blog a little bit (Like I tend to do with most blogs tbh). But, I’m ready for another post. The teething baby is asleep early and boyfriend isn’t home, so NOW IS THE TIME! And today, kids, we’re talking about Panic! At The Disco.

For those of you who were unsure before this point, this is NOT a well educated blog. I do not spend countless hours scouring the internet for interviews and articles and twitter feeds for band info. Never have I done this, for ANY musical artist (okay, except Emilie Autumn) and I’ll probably never do it for anyone else. I listen to your music, I love your lyrics and your vocals and your overall sound, and I probably love your stage presence. But I don’t really care what high school you went to or who all your ex girlfriends are.So if you want that kind of shit, go find it on another blog. This is a pure fangirl blog. We just love here <3.


So let’s get started with the love fest. Once upon a time, a long time ago, a group of guys came together and put out a little song called I Write Sings Not Tragedies. And it blew. The. Fuck. Up. And that’s where the obsession started, to be honest. That whole album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, was pure GOLD for me. My mom hated it because it said “god damn”, but then again, she also threw away my Decemberunderground CD (the first CD I ever bought with my own money) because it had songs that talked about suicide. But, I digress. Of course, I didn’t usually have time for the instrumental songs on the album, unless I was playing the CD on repeat while I went to sleep.There is not a song on that album I do not love and I know every lyric by heart to this day and until the day I die.

Next we had Pretty. Odd. I have never been super into this album. Of course, I liked Nine In The Afternoon because it still felt like the stuff from the first album, but everything else was just… lacking for me. Be it lyrically or just in the general feel of the song, but this album mostly missed for me. I can go back and listen to it now when I’m super chilled out and be okay with just about the entire album except the first song, We’re So Starving. And also Behind The Sea. And The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know.

Fast forward a few years and we were gifted Vices & Virtues. Another album that had nothing but winners for me, just like the other albums that followed it.The link I’ve gifted you with goes to a playlist that has a couple songs that weren’t released on the album. Still good. You’re welcome. Honorable music video mention goes to The Ballad of Mona Lisa that gave it’s regards to I Write Sins Not Tragedies and got everyone super pumped for the album release.

We’re moving up a little in time, and Panic has graced us with something new, something… different. This, to me, showed was when the tides shifted for Panic. Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (And another link to a playlist with a few songs not actually released on the album). It sounded less like the first album, but was new and exciting and still made you wanna sing along and dance and do hand dolphins out the car window driving down the freeway.

And here we are, folks. The album we have been impatiently awaiting through every single release and music video. The nod to Frank Sinatra, the catchy tunes and lyrics we’ve come to love from Panic!, the vocal range showcase. In the ranking of best Panic! At The Disco albums, this one ties for first with Fever. I’m talking about Death of a Bachelor, of course!! Brendon’s first solo album, and a heavy hitter right our of the gate. There is no such thing as a bad song on this album. Seriously, go pick it up at Walmart right mother fuckin’ now.




So, what is your favorite Panic! song or album?