Rob Zombie Redemption

Admittedly, I almost didn’t make it to the Rob Zombie concert on Wednesday. I would’ve been getting tickets hella late, and I really didn’t wanna get seat tickets in the Rose Music Center amphitheater if I had to go alone. But then an angel of a friend said she would go with me, and we got the tickets the night before.

The opening band was a Dayton local called Brothers In Arms. They sounded so familiar, and I didn’t realize until I figured out who they were that I had heard them previously on the local radio stations. Honestly, these guys are awesome, and have a great sound. Check them out if you like bands like Black Stone Cherry or Black Label Society.

My last Rob Zombie experience was piss poor due to the awful venue it was at, so I was excited for some Zombie redemption. And a mighty fine redemption it was! Finally being able to see the stage meant I finally got to witness that Rob Zombie energy. The man has amazing stage presence, and works the entire stage. Every member of the band had the same energy and zeal, as well, so with the screen backdrop playing new video loops for every song and the great lighting, it was visually spectacular.

Rob Zombie and I apparently have at least one thing in common, in that we enjoy an authentic concert experience. I don’t feel like you can fully appreciate and enjoy a show watching it from your phone screen (or, at the very least I can’t lol). So he had John 5 absolutely kill it on a guitar solo while he made a lap around the amphitheater. It was at this point, when I realized what he was doing, that I rushed down to the edge of the seating I was at and leaned over the rail. I was rewarded for the effort with a high five from RZ, which was super appreciated since I could see that not everyone was getting one as he made his way around.

While my first time seeing him was tainted by the venue it was at, that wasn’t his fault. I don’t believe that Rob Zombie can give a bad concert experience. The man was made to entertain, it would seem. Every song dance-able and he plays enough of his popular songs that even new or casual fans can sing along at least a few times during the set.

Overall, I know I definitely will not hesitate to see him whenever possible, because even with seats that are not exactly my preference the show was top notch.


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