30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7

A song to drive to
Testament by VNV Nation

I have three main Pandora stations that I listen to, and of course my William Control station is one of them. I first heard this song on there, and that was when I discovered that this song gives me lead foot. I never love to listen to this song as much as when I’m cruising down the interstate with the radio turned way up and either fast moving traffic or empty roads.


30 Day Music Challenge: Day 6

A song that makes you want to dance
Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol

Recently I went to an Andy Black concert. Now, I don’t know any of Andy Black’s music past Knives and Pens and The Mortician’s Daughter from his Black Veil Brides days. I had honestly just gone to see William Control. But one thing Andy Black did all kinds of right was playing a cover of this song, because immediately it got me moving and singing.

I wasn’t always into 80’s music. My mom loved it, and I didn’t want to like anything my mom liked so I rejected it. It wasn’t until a boyfriend liked 80’s music that I started to get into it. And once I started there was no stopping me. I have a lot of love for Billy Idol, and especially this song. I can’t hear this song without moving in some way, from a toe tap to full on dance mode. A friend in high school actually introduced me to Billy Idol, and I have fond memories of listening to his music in gym class with her.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5

A song that needs to be played LOUD
Dragula by Rob Zombie

Anyone who doesn’t listen to this song at top volume and head bang is wrong, and you need to get them out of your life because that’s a level of negativity nobody needs to be around. This song just doesn’t sound right if it’s played softly in the background, or even at what one would consider a moderate level. You need to be able to feel every beat pumping through your body, in your chest.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 4

A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
Issues by Mindless Self Indulgence

Geeze, music challenge. Thanks for drudging up painful memories you bastard. There’s a lot of songs that bring to mind people I’d rather forget about. So to cover a lot of bases, I’m gonna use a song that reminds me of a lot of people, some I probably don’t even know the names of.

When I was in high school, I was in love, as happens with many people during that time in life. But the guy I loved liked to love everyone else. Behind my back. And one of his favorite bands was Mindless Self Indulgence. After I had learned about his infidelities, I still managed to be stupid and kept getting back with him. And this song is one I could just never listen to after all that. Because all it brought to mind was his infidelities. Really it was like the damn song had been made for him, and he fucking loved it.

Fun story time! I actually went to an MSI concert with him. And one of the chicks I had trouble with him fucking behind my back was there! Also happened to be a chick he’d get with when he was done with me, and then would leave for me. And I remember when he showed me that she was there, and how somehow she ended up right next to us, and he kept himself wedged between us, and that’s when they played this damn song. Ahhhh memories. Fuck ’em.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 3

A song that reminds you of summertime
The Taste of Ink by The Used

This one was a little harder to pick. There aren’t many songs that definitely make me think of summertime unless they specifically talk about summer in the song title or lyrics, but I didn’t want to be quite that cliche. And I honestly don’t have any specific songs that remind of any summer memories. So I had to go with a feeling, just listening to several different songs and seeing which one felt like summer to me.

This song feels like summer to me. This song feels like getting in the car, rolling the windows down, and blasting music on a midnight drive going nowhere in particular. The song itself rings of freedom, and what feels more free than a night drive with the warm summer air whipping your hair while you sing at the top of your lungs?

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 2

A Song You Like With A Number In The Title
Rev 22:20 by Puscifer

I can’t remember the first time I heard this song, but I can say that ever since it’s become a staple in many playlists I’ve created. There’s two main versions for your listening pleasure, what I would call the original and then the Dry Martini Mix. Either way, this song is pure sex (which isn’t hard to accomplish with those lyrics and the voice of Maynard James Kennan).

When you listen to the original, you’re getting a perfect song for any liquid motion playlist and a common song in the lineup for the alt strippers (no judgement, I was one of those strippers using this song once upon a time). This version is a bit shorter than the Dry Martini Mix because it’s a tad faster, but it’s my favorite. Both versions are sexy as hell, but this one is a little more in your face. This is the girl who isn’t afraid to jump in and take charge and let you know what she wants and take what she needs.

The Dry Martini Mix, in contract, is the woman who flashes you those fuck me eyes from across the bar and makes you chase her from room to room as she seems to disappear just before you reach her, prolonging the chase and leaving an air of mystery before she takes you. This woman takes her time with you. The vocals are smoother, the sound a bit softer. This version is pure seduction.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 1


Ah, what better to get me actually writing in this fucking blog than a writing challenge? And what better month to start a 30 day challenge than April? So let’s just jump in, shall we?

Day 1: A song you like with a color in the title
Black No. 1 by Type O Negative

I really wanted to start this with something iconic, and for every goth chick in the world, what is more iconic than Black No. 1? That bass line mixed with the haunting low vocals of Peter Steele in the opening always makes me smile, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. FUN FACT: the original song is about 11 minutes long, which is the video I’m going to give you guys at the bottom. If you prefer, you can find the radio condensed version here

The anthem for every goth girl, new and old, was released on their third album Bloody Kisses, which was actually released the year I was born (no laughing, guys, I’ve got an old soul). “Christian Woman” was on this album as well, another excellent representation of Peter Steele’s seductive voice.

Sadly, Steele passed away in 2010 from heart failure, taking his sexy voice with him. But we’ll always have Black No. 1.