Get Liquid

We’re gonna get kind personal for a moment here, so I hope you guys don’t mind. This one’s not about a tour, or a band, or a new album. This one’s something very near and dear to me that I have fairly recently discovered and fallen in love with. And you know exactly what I’m talking about without knowing what it’s called.

But it’s called Liquid Motion. And it is quite seriously exactly what it sounds like.

I’m taking liquid motion classes at a local fitness place, and out of all the classes they offer, none make me feel quite so sexy as this one. These classes are literally whatever you make of them, because as long as you keep moving your body and feeling the music you’re doing it right. There’s a spectrum to liquid motion, fromĀ graceful to sexual, and it doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum. Where you fall might even depend on the song you’re dancing to.

Liquid Motion is your chance to bust out those songs that make you body roll when you’re sitting in the car, that make you run your hands up your body and through your hair. Songs like Slept So Long from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Or maybe Halsey is more your style? How about The Weeknd?

My question to you is, what kind of songs would you like to dance to in a Liquid Motion class?


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