William Control: 2 Final Shows, 1 Big Question

Hello darlings who I have neglected! I’m assuming you’ve fended for yourselves like the rabid animals you are and are not rotting carcasses on the floor of WordPress. Finally I’ve found the time and the will power to finish up where we are in the history of the only band I’ve seen multiple times.

When I last left you guys, I was pregnant in our story wearing 5-6 inch heels at a rock concert. Typical me, right? Well, I had the baby, found a boyfriend, and left the baby with my grandmother for a night to take the boyfriend to his first concert. Granted, he had never heard of William Control or Aiden before, but he’s always been surprisingly supportive of me and accepting of my musical obsessions (the man never listened to metal before me. I shall corrupt him one day).


So, in 2015, I was right back where I started in watching William Control on the same stage where I first saw him. Nostalgia is sweet and sometimes smells like downtown Indianapolis, in case you were wondering. We had on stage first Justin Symbol, who I had never heard of before. And my first impression was of a young Marilyn Manson, if not quite as extreme. But he was entertaining and threw fake money on everyone while singing into a microphone that looked like a giant cynical icicle. Seriously, guys, it’s been so long I don’t remember all the details, but I know there was a gimp mask and a leash and candy, so I’m gonna say it was a successful set for him. After the show I got to meet him and he was honestly so sweet and down to earth. And have you seen the panties he’s been selling in his merch shop lately? Any man who can model his brand on bodies of all sizes is a friend to me. I even bought his CD, which wasn’t bad, but it’s more of the kind of stuff I prefer to listen to live than to just listen to in the car. I’m weird like that.


Next there was a little band called Requiem, whose lead singer you might remember from a little band called I Am Ghost. They. Fucking. KILLED IT. Will always travels with such sweet people, and Steven Juliano was no different. At the end of the night, I wish I had bought a CD, but I got a poster and a candle instead. Sadly, Requiem is no more, and Juliano has decided to stop making music. but his musical contributions are still out there! Just waiting to be downloaded! I Am Ghost is also no more, and they are planning their final concert in California this year.


I have seen William Control one more time since then, and it was on his last tour with Aiden. Aiden was where I first learned about Will and first fell in love with his music. I remember first seeing the Die Romantic video on MTV. And actually hearing that song in person was…. phenomenal. The sense of camaraderie at all of his shows is so beautiful. I’ve yet to experience any judgement or any rudeness and have made so many wonderful friends.


We saw Aiden in 2015 as well just North of Lousiville, in a tiny town in Indiana. The bands that opened were local bands and they were both so talented. But, the first band was called Ventura and had a gorgeous female lead singer with a rockin’ body who wore a Harley Quinn latex getup and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with her.

The second band was called Uh Huh Baby Yeah, and for awhile we were pretty sure he was stuck where he had climbed up on top of the bathrooms (the bathroom was a little room that looked like it had been added last minute with a ceiling lower than the ceiling of the building). One of the guys in the band looked like the essence of the band The Darkness. And all of them just kind of… jumped and rolled around on the floor and had way more energy than I think I’ve ever had in my life haha. But they were entertaining and the music was good. I personally did find them quite as personable, nor the first band. But, AshestoAngels had that characteristic sweetness that I’ve come to expect from anyone who tours with Will. Kissing Candice also made an appearance, but we’ve talked about them. I can’t stress enough how awesome they are live.

AshestoAngels fucking ROCKED the damn place! I had listened to their music on YouTube and so figured I knew a little of what to expect, but they were just so amazing in person! All the energy and the fun and the heart that they put into everything made the experience so amazing, and I regret not getting a picture with them. I’ll keep hoping they come back to the States soon.


And so that’s it, guys. For now, at least. The big question remains WHEN will I get to see Will tour again, because he’s given all his love to the UK lately due to shitty tour managers here in the States. Still waiting on that book drop for Revelator 3. But, pre-orders for the first of 4 EPs he’s releasing start TODAY!┬áThis is going to contain the fucking badass song The Monster that he released on YouTube for our listening pleasure, which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since it dropped. And with word of a movie for the Revelator books? Will’s a busy guy, it would seem. But, we’ll always be here waiting for his next move.