Disappointment aka Fort Wayne, You Suck

This one is a little overdue, guys, and I apologize for that. But, it’s been hard for me to figure out how I want to get this one written down. You see, I had a bad experience at a concert, and I don’t want to spend the whole time bitching, but I wasn’t really given much more to work with.

We’ll start from the beginning. I had never been to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And thus, I had no clue what to expect. I did not expect, however, the $5 parking charge. And the fact that it would be cash only. So already I was annoyed, on top of the fact that I was running a tad bit late because of conflicting information out there about the start time, and the fact that I didn’t think it would be necessary to follow the venue on Facebook to keep updated.

What was I going to see? Something that I paid way too much for, I can tell you that. It was a co-headlining show with Disturbed and Rob Zombie, featuring Pop Evil as the opening band. Now, I have nothing against Pop Evil, but I don’t exactly have anything of theirs downloaded and I only know the songs I heard on the radio. We walked in during the middle of their set, and from what I saw they had really great stage presence. The lead singer even ran up and sang in the stands.

That’s right, guys. I went to a giant venue where they actually have stadium type seating. I’ve been so spoiled with my small venue experiences, I thought I’d never go back to one of those places. But I figured that if anyone was worth it, Rob Zombie would be worth it. And that’s part of the problem I have with loving big name guys like RZ. They really only ever seem to play giant venues like that, with outrageously priced tickets. But seeing Zombie was my dream. And it still is, because I couldn’t see the man to save my life!

I got floor tickets, because where the fuck else would you expect me to be. But little did I know that I had walked into another god forsaken venue that does not allow moshing or crowd surfing. Thank you, Fort Wayne, for once again sucking the fun out of everything. But as rude as the staff was, and overpriced the drinks, the people that actually went to see the show were just fucking awful. The whole place smelled like bad body odor and sweat and halitosis. I’m really concerned that Fort Wayne isn’t showering or brushing their teeth, because that’s really not sanitary or healthy, guys. There was a stupid prick who kept pulling the boyfriend’s ponytail. And I was stuck behind guys letting pretty, skinny girls in front of them, but couldn’t let me get anywhere that I might actually be able to see the stage. At one point there was a girl trying to shove me to the side to get in front of me, but I stood my ground. Now, if you ask me nicely, I will absolutely let you get in front of me, provided you make sure that I can still. But this bitch had these HUGE guys come up and barrel through us all. I came so close to punching some big ass dudes in the back of the head, but I really can’t afford to get knocked out at a show.

So no, I couldn’t see Rob Zombie if my life depended on it. I could see the screen, which was cool, but I wasn’t there to just watch whatever video he had playing to go along with the songs, I was there to watch HIM. If I wanted to just listen to his music, I could’ve done that at home and not had to deal with Fort Wayne assholes! From what I could hear, he sounded awesome, and the few times he came into my line of vision, he had so much energy. I would’ve killed for VIP meet and greet tickets, but I’m broke as fuck. That’s the mommy life, though.

Now, by the time Disturbed came up, I was just in a foul mood all around. The merchandise was too expensive and I would never get anywhere that I could actually see the stage, so I was super bummed. The whole concert experience just wasn’t there for me anymore. I was literally miserable. So we settled somewhere standing at the back of the crowd. Of course that still didn’t save us from being jostled, because two security guys were escorting a man who wasn’t even fighting them out of the arena, and instead of moving 2 inches to the left, they decided to shove me and the boyfriend out of the way. Really nice, guys.

So David Draiman and the guys take the stage. And that’s about it. Flashy light show and fire. But Draiman just walked back and forth across the stage. The whole time. No stage energy at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the man’s vocals were on fucking point. And it’s not like I could really see the guys that well, anyway. But the most exciting thing was all the fire and the lights. I could’ve listened to that at home.

All in all, it still pains me that I wasted so much money on a shitty experience. I will never go back to that venue for anything ever again in my life. And now that I’ve seen Disturbed once, I really don’t feel like it’s an experience I need to go have again. However, Rob Zombie is still on my fucking list, and next time I’m saving up for VIP damn it! I, of course, bought these tickets before the tour with Korn was announced, so I’m still really bummed that I don’t get to go see that, but I don’t doubt that they’ll go a-touring together again. The only real highlight of my night was getting to out to eat afterwards with an old friend, who reminded me that Fort Wayne isn’t completely full of shitty people.

Have you ever had a disappointing concert experience?