Pandora Station of the Month: Ivy Levan

I have neglected you, Blog. And I am sorry. But you must understand that life is busy and sometimes overwhelming and I’m not making any money off of you, so I have no real commitment to you at the moment. But this does not mean I care about you any less. It just means being a mommy is a full time job on top of my other full time job in that god forsaken call center.

So, where has music been fitting into my life lately? In the car on my commute to and from work when I’m not talking on the phone to the boyfriend. And what’s been playing? The Pandora app on my phone. I’ve been addicted to the Ivy Levan station. Of course there are a couple songs I’m gonna skip over. But when you’ve got ZZ Ward, Gin Wigmore, and Elle King pumping woman power through your speakers, it’s hard to stop listening.

Here’s a fun little factoid for you: I have recently decided that I am going to participate in a Burlesque show. My first one, and boy do I have my work cut out for me. The theme is heroes and villains, and at first I was stuck between two Batman villains; Joker or Scarecrow. But my music choices turned out to be a little too heavy (another one of my favorite Pandora stations is the one for Butcher Babies). So, after listening to my Ivy Levan station, I finally found the perfect song for Joker. I don’t wanna spoil anything too soon, so I’ll fill you in on that little endeavor later.

What kind of sound are you gonna get from this station. Soul, honey. So much sultry soul. Women with raw voices and beats you can dance to and lyrics you can relate to. If I listen to this station with my ear buds in, you can bet if I’m walking it’s gonna put a little extra swing in my hips.

But seriously, if you haven’t checked out the Ivy Levan station on Pandora, please do yourself a favor and put it on while you’re driving to work, or cooking dinner, or cleaning out the car, or getting ready for a night out with the girls.