Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a double wide trailer in Louisiana, I began cultivating my love of music and expanding my music library. I started out on MySpace (But God, didn’t we all?). Of course we’re all exposed to the bands that shape us by word of mouth from friends. And for a minute there was Vampire Freaks delivering new music to me (here’s looking at you, Emilie Autumn).

But now, there’s Facebook and YouTube and Pandora and Soundcloud and so many places you can get your music from and find new artists to play patron to. And one of these places is Twitter.

Yes, with the creation of this blog came a Facebook page, an email, an Instagram (which is mostly blank right now. It’s a dead season for me with shows), and a Twitter account. And if you make it, they will come. So I have seen a nice influx of bands following me on Twitter, most of which I’ve never heard of before.

Of my short time in this little online musical adventure, I have come up with two very important suggestions for anyone who takes their music very seriously:
1.) Make an email specifically for signing up for band newsletters. And check it at least once a week. That’s where the special pre-sale tickets go for some bands (Like the Rob Zombie tickets I scored).
2.) Make a Twitter specifically for following bands. New bands you’ve never heard of will follow you, and when you go listen to them on SoundCloud or YouTube, a lot of the time you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

To the bands that are following me on Twitter, I HEAR YOU! I SEE YOU! I am taking time to listen to at least 1 song from every one of you. Now, some of you aren’t my cup of tea, which is okay because you’re gonna go follow people who listen and DO like you. But if I’m not digging it, I’m not gonna follow you back. If I DO like you, I’m probably gonna give you a shout out and a compliment and you know you’re gonna love that ego stroke.

So go follow me on Twitter, @ConcertRaven, right now, so you can also be exposed to the rockin’ badass bands that follow me and that I have followed back.


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